Blog & Editorial Guidelines and Standards

Welcome to The Educated Animal blog, where we provide a biological and educational approach to learning, information, reviews, and insights on animals, gardening, and all things homesteading, including activities for your young ones to learn about their world.

Our purpose is to help the modern homesteader or someone who wants to live a little more self-reliant, solve problems, save money, save time, and make things a little easier to manage.

Editorial Standards & Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide accurate, helpful information to our readers, and we uphold high editorial standards to ensure the quality and integrity of our content.


Here at The Educated Animal, we love animals, gardening and eating good food, learning, researching, and testing new products.

We know there are a lot of people who, like us, want to live a cleaner, cheaper, and more wholesome lifestyle.

We value the lives of our pets, and consider them part of the family. We want what’s best for them.

We also value knowing where our food comes from, how it is raised and that it is sustainable.

Here at The Educated Animal, we try to provide the best options and reviews of products to make this lifestyle easier.

By sharing our personal experiences and conducting thorough research, we aim to provide honest and unbiased reviews that our readers can trust.

We know that living this way can sometimes be challenging and a place to go for tips and a community of like minded people can really make things easier.

We would like to be the source that provides real information and community to help people make decisions or connect with others.

How We Conduct Research For Articles

Ideally, we try things firsthand and report our findings and experiences to you, the reader.

For product reviews, we aim to test every product ourselves; there may be instances where this is not feasible. We try to ensure the highest quality of our reviews; we conduct thorough research by reviewing feedback from sources reputable review sites that feature real customer feedback. We then combine our analysis with this research to formulate a well-informed and unbiased product review.

Our methodology ensures that our readers can make informed decisions when considering a purchase.

For informational articles, facts are searched and checked for accuracy and reliability. We use peer-reviewed articles, educational resources, such as the encyclopedia, and other relevant resources to provide the most accurate information possible. We aim to cover the topic thoroughly so you, the reader, understand the material presented.

Our Methodology

At The Educated Animal, we follow a methodology to ensure our content’s quality and reliability. We believe quality must be upheld in all information shared.

This methodology involves conducting thorough research, testing products where possible, and providing an honest and unbiased review. We believe that transparency and integrity are essential, and we strive to uphold these values in everything we do.

How We Keep Information Free For You

We are committed to providing helpful information for free. Sometimes, you just need a quick answer to something. We understand that not everyone wants to or can afford to pay for premium content, which is why we provide our insights and reviews at no cost. To support our work, we may earn a commission when readers make purchases through our affiliate links.

However, this does not affect our editorial standards, and we only recommend products that we genuinely believe in. Using our affiliate links, you can support our work and help us continue providing helpful information to our readers.

We hope that this overview of our blog and editorial standards has been helpful. We are committed to providing high-quality content that our readers can trust, and we appreciate your support in helping us achieve this goal.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Content Standards

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Full Disclosure on AI-Generated Content

With all the recent interest in AI Generated Content, we feel we should disclose how we utilize it here at We use AI writing and image tools to help us craft better content for you, the reader. We believe that these tools can be useful for generating ideas, optimizing content for readability, and enhancing the overall quality of our articles.

However, it’s important to note that all AI-generate content is considered a starting point, and we never publish without proofreading, fact-checking, and editing. We understand that AI-generated content can be prone to errors, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies, which is why we take great care to review and refine all content generated by these tools.

While we appreciate the benefits of AI-generated content, we believe that AI is a useful tool in our toolbox to be utilized when appropriate. Human oversight is essential to ensure the accuracy and quality of our articles. We are committed to providing high-quality, trustworthy content for our readers, and we believe that this can only be achieved through a careful balance of AI tools, science, and human expertise.

In summary, we use AI writing tools to help us optimize our content and enhance the reading experience for our audience. However, do not sacrifice quality or accuracy to AI tools. Thank you for your understanding and support.