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Who I am

My name is Kalli. I am married to a wonderful, intelligent, and patient man, a Mom to our 6 kids, and an Animal and Agriculture Scientist.

Where I live

Currently I live on what I call a hobby farm. It isn’t as big of a farm that I want to live on, but I use the space I have to keep animals with us.

What Animals We Have Now

Right now we currently have 2 dogs, 4 cats, 3 parakeet birds, 2 goats, a red-eared slider turtle, a flock of chickens, and several aquariums that have fish and shrimp.

Past and future pets

We have kept many other pets in the past, like the usual cats and dogs. But we have also kept salamanders, lizards, and toads. And our youngest child is currently lobbying for some rabbits. Which, to be honest, isn’t a hard sale to his mom. 

My Work Experience

I had the chance to work on a dairy farm. This was a great opportunity to learn about both large and small farm animals in all stages of life. 

I was also given the chance to work with a large animal vet that serviced all of the farms in the area. While we mainly worked on large animals, sometimes the farmer’s pets needed assistance as well.

I then went on to become a trail guide for horseback rides at a couple of really popular mountain resorts.

I worked at the Division of Natural Resources in my state and there we focused on forage and pollination methods for wildlife. 

I have had many years caring for animals both professionally and at home. 

In another vein of employment, I have developed and taught courses to students from pre-school age to adults. As well as professionally tutoring in Math, Science, and English courses at all levels up to college.

My Education

I have a BS in Agriculture Science and a minor in Fisheries and Wildlife Science from Oregon State University.

I also have an AS in Science with an emphasis in Ecology and Natural Resources from one of the top colleges in the state for science, Snow College.

Pets as a kid

When I was young, we moved around a lot. So we didn’t really have pets. Which is probably why I have had them ever since I was old enough to have my own. I remember my brother and I persuaded my parents to get us a puppy when I was probably around 8 years old. He was a cute little black mix-breed with medium long hair. The next pet I can remember my parents getting is a cat, but I was in my late teens by then.

the terror of how i gained real respect for animals

So after a few years of getting the little puppy, we moved to Louisiana from the West. We quickly found out that fleas could get out of hand on a medium long haired dog. I can’t say we enjoyed it that much. We did finally get it under control as we learned how to live in the South. But the real respect came from the wild animals that lived in the swampy forest behind our house.

One day we were getting on the bus for school, and our little dog went out to the backyard to do his thing. Unfortunately there was an alligator in the ditch between our house and the forest. The very curious dog became breakfast for the alligator. I was heartbroken, and very scared to go in the backyard again. I learned a very difficult lesson in taking care of your pet in the area you live in. And that you just don’t mess with some animals. As humans, we use weapons or tools to protect ourselves. Animals use their claws, teeth, tails, poison or venom, or whatever another kind of defense mechanism they have.

Another time I remember having the very real terror of an animal came after I was newly married. My husband and I were living in Florida, and we decided to go to the beach. I was out in the water about shoulder deep, facing the shoreline and I heard some splashing behind me, out to sea. I turned to look and I saw a school of fish longer than my arm jumping and swimming toward me, away from whatever fish was chasing them. Unfortunately, I was close enough to the fish to get a good view of how big the jumping fish were. My first thought was to get out of the water. So I turned to shore, and it was like in a slow-motion picture, all the people in the water evacuated and ran up to the beach pointing at the fish jumping over and around me. I couldn’t get out of the water fast enough. Anything big enough to eat a 2 to 4-foot fish whole was something I did not want to meet in the water. I’m not sure what happened, but I was able to get out of the water unharmed. But I decided I was done swimming in the ocean for a while.

After these stories, it is hard to believe I’ve had animals my entire adult life.

My Pet Journey 

So I have found I have a bleeding heart for injured or helpless animals. When I was a teenager, I was coming home from school when I saw this cute tiny little kitten in the driveway. He was obviously in distress, so I went closer to check him out. What I saw broke my heart. His bottom lip was torn from his mouth and was hanging there, and his little meow was broken and ragged. I couldn’t let him die, so I rushed him to the vet where they stitched his mouth back together and told me his vocal cords were permanently damaged. I didn’t know I would love a pet as much as I loved that little guy. And there was no going back for me. 

Then my boyfriend, now my husband, got me a cute little puppy. He also helped me start a 10-gallon fish tank. So we started our lives together with a cat, dog, and fish.


It hasn’t changed much over the years. We have always had animals in our life together. But now I am not the only one bringing home animals to care for; our kids do as well. I certainly don’t mind that they want to love and care for their animals.

When I Decided My Education Would Be Around Animals 

Working on the farm showed me how much I loved working with animals. I enjoyed going to work every day and seeing the different animals. Each one had a personality, and I loved how they would get excited to see me every day. It was a dairy farm, so part of my job included the usual milking and caring for the cows. I was also in charge of the calf barn, and all of the miscellaneous animals around the farm. I loved watching the dog playing with the pygmy goat, and how all the calves got excited to get fed. The chickens would follow you around if you had food or water. Some animals were friendly, some just wanted to be left alone with their food.

Then I started working with the local vet. We would go to all the different farms in the area, so I was able to see how different-sized operations were run. We cared for animals that were sick or helped with birthing. Some times it was just something little, some times it was surgery. But it was always to help the animal. As I went to the different farms, I was often asked if I planned to go to school for animal science. This got me thinking about different animal careers. When I finally did go to college, I decided to follow the dream and go into animal science and all that came with it. I chose to specialize in agriculture farming. 

Going through college, I took classes on several types of animals and their care. Some classes covered pollinators and bees, some in Ornithology (study of birds), Ichthyology (study of fishes), Mammology (study of mammals), Zoology, and many classes in forage for wildlife and farming techniques. I made a point to learn as much as I could about the different types of animals including their biology and needs.

What Made Me Want To Help Educate Others In This Blog

While I was caring for the animals around my home, I realized that knowing the biology behind the animals helps in knowing how to care for them. When my kids would ask why the turtle needs 2 lights, it was a chance to explain that one is a heat lamp to help the reptile regulate his temperature and the other is a UV light that he needs to grow a healthy shell. Or, “Mom, why do birds have gizzards?” I noticed that other people, not just my children, ask me questions about their pets or how to take care of something animal related. It could be a simple conversation about gardening that changes into “How do ladybugs help in the garden?” Or “How do you get rid of algae in the fish tank?” Or, “What do you think the best dog food is?” All these are great questions that need to be asked.

Since I also enjoy teaching and helping others, I thought that I could share what I have learned and continue to learn with all of you about animals and their needs and care. I have learned the hard way that if you don’t care for your animals properly, they are the ones who suffer. Proper research and knowledge, and of course, love, of the animal you choose to let into your family, is the key to keeping happiness in the home. 

So I will share with you the things I have learned and continue to learn, as well as direct you to products or services for your consideration to make both your and your animal friends’ lives a little bit better.

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